Choi Minho

is simply just a lovable personality. Period. Okay. He’s really charming.


Bring Me to Life

Bringing this blog back up.

The Essence of Time

Time flies. It never stops. It never takes a while.

What is it in a hurry for? Salvation or destruction of life? Nevertheless time seems endless. Will there ever come a time when time will stop?

We all know that when time stops we cease to exist. A world suspended in time. We take time for granted but it really is the most mysterious of all things. Time is most important. Time is an entity. Its existence is unique.

Time is the cogwheels of fate. It moves everything but it does not choose the direction. We do. We set up our sails for the wind that is time to blow us to our destination. Else, we stand still. We do not exist if we do not go with current of time.

Time moves freely but without life time is nothing. It will not have purpose, not even meaning. It does not travel alone. That is why we exist. We give meaning to time. Time gives meaning to our lives, or at least a sense of direction.

On Purpose

Some people just don’t get it. Why would they say things publicly on purpose which everyone can hear within earshot? Perhaps they just crave for attention? Perhaps she thinks she’s prettier than anyone else that every man’s attention is on her? Or perhaps she’s just jealous the apple of her eye doesn’t seem to care for her anymore? Whatever it is, I feel she does it on purpose. And she’s not getting what she wants as far as I know. She thinks she’ll win this game but she won’t. She simply does not get it. She’s not every man’s desire. Her attitude brings her down. She’s not solid gold. She’s rubber ducky. Believe me she’s trying so hard to get his attention but it just fails. With this attitude she shows the world how wanton she is. But she’s not everything. She’s not every man’s princess.

I say good luck to her. The end of her story. This is on purpose.

To Him…

I greet my ever dearest friend a Happy Birthday.

I wish him all the best in life and for more birthdays to come.

Keep him handsome that way and I’ll be happy. Hehe.

Guess where I’m blogging right now..

I tell you, it’s not where you would normally imagine but you probably have done this as well but only ashamed to tell people that you do.

Anyway, I try my best to keep this blog of mine as interesting as it can it ever be even if my posts are all so random and weird and not technically correct most of the time. I like be diverse in my writing style and it usually depends on how I feel.

So, I better end this and get my stuff done so I can use the laptop much much better.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I apologize for the lack of new posts to entertain you, my dear readers (who I assume are not many). You see, I strayed to a path that lead to my past and back to the world of Gaia, and before I realized I could even hold a pencil once again, I already made a few art for my ever loyal “fans” in GaiaOnline.

The woman who I knew to be Vixie Hartlock sprang to life once again and took charge of dusty old mansion of her art collection she left before the year 2009 settled in the past. Her pets came to life but as soon as they got to her, metamorphosis once again took place and she transformed from this mysterious dark lady to an iridescent fairy. But then again, she put on another outfit which was Japanese-inspired and with her ever loyal bunny, they travel the streets of Durem where she lived most of her life.

She opened her art shop once again, selling masterpieces and, hoping to improve on her painting skills. She met a kind lady named Viperface who told her of her past and the events that happened in her mansion once Hallow’s Eve. This was her story.

And so, her journey in Gaia continues. Vixie will surely be remembered by many of the Gaians but will she once again disappear as she had done twice before?